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Nigel Petillo Takes his Land Activism Down South

Petillo is currently in the Toledo District where he says he will be advocating with residents in the south who are squatting and who are having a hard time accessing land.

Nigel Petillo, Land Activist: “I’ve been talking to some people down south who have been having a hard time getting land in the PG, Punta Gorda, Toledo area there. The live there for many years. Some people are on land that they’ve been squatting on for years and up to now the government been promise – both governments promised them back and forth that they’ll get the papers for them and they still can’t get the papers. Some people are complaining to me that they’re at lands department almost every day until their boss tell them that they can’t get anymore days off, you can’t go to lands department no more. Some people tell me they have simple transactions that they’re waiting for a land paper for the past year, two years , just a private transaction took place somebody bought a land from somebody and the paper is at lands department stuck for years. Why ? What is the system ? Can you explain to us what do we need to do to get our documents out on a much faster basis ? That’s all you know ? So lands department is holding back the train right now big time. I insist that we need to get the lands issued out. We need to make sure the right people that need land get land. Poor people need land now because if you don’t got job and you have a piece of land you will survive. You hear what I just said ? If you don’t have a job but you got a piece of land you could survive. Okay ? You could build a little something to live in and you take your time and start to plant okay? It’s a joy, it’s a love, it’s a miracle. It takes place in front of you to see what this earth could do for you. I’ve been preaching, preaching, preaching until the government started to talk like me “Land for all Belizeans , land for the needy, land that is sitting down idle”, all those things there that was the promise, that’s why we voted them in. So we need to pressure them. So don’t come and holler about you don’t need to squat. Lands Department isn’t working right now. We can’t get the minister in fact the minister moved out of the area that needed him the most. Lake I needs you. Minister moved out of Lake I okay ? And the rest of us can’t even get to him so you the immediate people, the people that voted for him now he ran from them and now we can’t see him and we’re not supposed to say nothing about that. This is serious bro. This is very very serious. You felt and act as though you understand what we are going through and now we can’t get a hold of you.”