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Nikolai Escapes Hurt but Grandma still Hospitalized after being Knocked Down

This morning during after 8:30 a.m. an eighty year old grandmother and her 8 year old grandson were knocked down as she was taking him to St. Ignatius Primary School. The incident at corner of Dean Street and Amara Avenue was caught on the security camera in front of Tenchtronics electronic store. Love News spoke to Lorraine Ciego, the Principal of St. Ignatius Primary RC School, shortly after the incident. Principal Ciego said said that the school administration was in constant communication with the mother of 8 year old Nicolai Tun after the accident.

Lureen Ciego Principal, St. Ignatius RC Primary School: “He is Nicolai Tun, a standard 2 student of our school and Nicolai is one of the most humble children here at our school, very loving, very quiet and a very reserved young man, he is just a super student. Not everyday the grandparent but in most cases he is brought here to school by someone: it could be the mom or the grandma and he comes to school with someone. No, it is not the first time that one of our students has been hurt, sometimes it is by a bicycle. You know people on bicycles ride not being very careful and children being children do sometimes are not paying much attention to the traffic and so we do have incidents of that nature but this is by far one of the most serious. His grandmother is an elderly lady who brings him to school from time to time and they were hit as far as I certain and they are recuperating at this time.

Jose Sanchez: “ Do you know to what extent the damages of their injuries are at this point? Are you communicating with the family.Lureen

Ciego Principal, St. Ignatius RC Primary School: “I can’t say for sure what the extent of the injuries are. “I know that the ambulance simply took them from the scene and as far as I am aware they are getting X-rays at this time so I am not able to say what injury they obtained from the accident. The peak time that students come to school for us is 8:15 to 8:30. The accident occured after 8:30 and at 12 to 1 o’clock is another peak time and the children leave from our school at 3 o’clock and so it’s those times that things do occur with our children leaving from school.”

Late this evening we found Sonia Tun and her Son Nicolai. We are happy to report that Nicolai escaped with only bruises and he was discharged from the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. However, Tun says that she will still get a second opinion on his health since it appears that in addition to being visibly shook up by the accident, he appears to have some hearing issues. Tun says though the expenses are just beginning to add up, she is very worried about her 80 year old mom, who is still sedated at the KHMH.

Sonia Tun Mother of Nikolai: “They were knocked down this morning before 8:30. I got the call at work from one of my ex-co workers at RF&G Insurance to tell me that they were knocked down and then I saw the video online where it showed that they were knocked down and driven over by the entire truck and now we were at KHMH most of the day with my son. His X-rays came out clean but he is a little bit bruised up and more traumatized than anything. I am going to take him to get a second opinion because his ear, he is not hearing me properly when I talk to him but KHMH has already discharged him. My mom now, my mom has done a panoramic ultrasound. She has done X-rays on almost her entire body. She also had to do a Cat Scan and I still haven’t gotten the results of everything yet so I don’t know where she stands. She is sedated right now for the pain because she was in constant pain so we are awaiting results for her.”

Jose Sanchez: “Now when it comes to the driver it looks like the driver just drove directly into them. Was he or she not paying attention? Or was there text messaging? What explanation did the driver give if you managed to have a word with that person?”

Sonia Tun Mother of Nikolai: Well he called me throughout the day and says he himself does not really know what happened and the video is a bit far for me to tell you yes he was on his phone or what he was doing but I know an accident can happen. He was parked and then he kind of drove but I don’t know what to say because I wasn’t there with him but that area is a very busy area especially for the school kids but if you saw the video you would see that he is parked and my mom had waited for the streets to be cleared before she started to cross the street so it wasn’t like she just ran across the street so I really can’t do anything about that. I am just really worried about her because she is a senior citizen. She is 86 years old and her recovery time will be worse for her than for someone in our age run so I am just awaiting her results to see what they say.

Jose Sanchez: “In terms of the law do you plan to sue the driver or just let the Police handle it?”

Sonia Tun Mother of Nikolai: “I am just going to let the Police handle it. I know he already went to make his statement and then I am going to follow through with the insurance portion of it because bills have to get paid. I think I already paid over $500 just today so it is a lot of money that is coming out and they were okay this morning when I left them so I am just really concerned about that and my mom getting better.”

We will continue following this story. The City Council has said it is examining measures to improve safety at the corner of Dean Street and Amara Avenue.