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Nine Days after Death, Family Awaits Post Mortem

A 31-year-old mother of three is dead after going into the hospital with a sore throat and requiring drips.  The woman who resided in Gardenia Village, Belize District has been lying at the morgue since Monday, October 31, 2016 and to date a post mortem examination is yet to be conducted.  It is a case that pushed the family to retain the services of Attorney Leeroy Banner.  Banner spoke to Love News today on the matter saying that even he has been given the run-around by the authorities of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.


“My client’s daughter went into Karl Heusner at about 12 days ago at the end of the month for a minor injury case of sore throat and it should have been a normal routine and a couple days after she passed away. Our client is saying that she is not satisfied with what happened and therefore she wanted an autopsy to be done. She went to the hospital on the same day that her daughter died and she waited there the entire day and we made several trips to the hospital trying to get an autopsy performed and we keep getting the push around. So we are here today to let the media know that all we want is an autopsy to be performed on the body of the deceased so the family can move on and they have tried all avenues. We had spoken to Mr.Tillet and I went there several times and no answer and we believe that the time has come to let the public know what is happening at the hospital.”

The family of Deanne Michelle Robinson is hoping to lay her to rest on Saturday but they will not be able to do that unless the post mortem is conducted.  Robinson’s mother explained to Love News the difficulties she has been having in getting the procedure done at the hospital.


“After I left from there I contacted a doctor friend of mine and I explained to her what happened and he was very surprised and he told me that if he were me he would order an autopsy. I need something like that because I don’t believe what the doctors are telling me that my daughter died from what she died from. So I asked my friend who to talk to and he told me to ask for the Chief Medical Officer. I went there the next day and asked for her and couldn’t find her but suddenly she came down to talk to somebody and I met her and I told her what happened and that I needed an autopsy and that I didn’t believe that my daughter died from what the doctor told me. She told me that it would be easy and she told me to go upstairs and tell the doctor to sign the form. I went upstairs and I spoke with the doctor. He came and asked me how he could help and I told him that the Chief Medical Officer said for him to sign the form to do an autopsy on the body. He said that that would be okay, but I noticed that he started to panic and so I stood there and watched him. He went to a locker and he started flipping some papers and then came to tell me that he couldn’t find a form. Afterwards he came and he brought a big form and he told me to put my name down and he told me to wait outside until he could get back to me. I went back outside and I waited for two and a half hours and I went back inside and I told the doctor that I had been waiting out there for long. He turned around and he looked at me and said “If you notice we don’t have a clerk right now.” I told him okay and I went back to sit on the veranda and I sat out there again. I sat down for a while and then after that I went back in to him again and I told him that I had been waiting out there. He told me that they were busy and that he would get back to me. I went back and sat out on the veranda with my daughter. A friend of mine came and asked me what I was doing. I told her and he said that something happened and she said she’d get a lawyer. I told her that I didn’t think I needed a lawyer and all I wanted was some space maybe they were just busy. About 2pm the doctor passed me and he stopped and said the thing that I wanted I would get that soon. He went downstairs and he came back and he went back into his office and I stayed there until five minutes to four. At that time I walked back into the office and I spoke to the doctor, every time I spoke it was with this very doctor that told me what my daughter died from. I told him, “You really don’t want me to sign this paper, what do you have to hide ?” The next day I came and I contacted my lawyer and we went there at 1:30 we spoke to Mr. Tillett went upstairs and he went on leave the next day.”

After the doctor went on leave, the family was then reportedly approached by the hospital’s Public Relations Officer, Tylon Tillett.


“We were downstairs and Mr.Tillett called and told us to go upstairs to sign the form. My lawyer and I we went back upstairs and I signed the form but I asked the person that gave me the form and I asked if it was correct. She asked me why and I said to her because yesterday the doctor gave me a whole paper to sign on, she gave me a small paper. All I put on there was my name, my relationship to the person, the person’s name and my phone number. So I put my phone number and so my lawyer put his number there too just in case they didn’t get me they would get him. So both of us put our numbers there on Wednesday. I waited, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, on Monday I went back to the hospital and I went back and I got Mr.Tillett on the phone and he told us to go upstairs to talk to Dr.Martinez. When I really was at this time I didn’t feel like going up the stairs so I sent my husband, he went up there and spoke to Dr.Martinez and she asked if anybody contacted us, nobody contacted us over the whole time. They had both my number and the lawyer’s number and they didn’t contact anybody. So then she said to him that Dr.Sanchez did not want to do the autopsy and didn’t explain anything else so they said that someone would come to see us. We went downstairs and a young lady came and she asked a few questions and she said that they were trying to get to us but there was no number in the file. She told me that I needed to come the next day to speak to nurse Black. I went back yesterday and she asked me why I wanted the autopsy and I explained to her exactly what took place and she said that it was the first time she heard anything about that. I told her that I need to bury my daughter and I needed to know what my options were and I spoke to her and I waited and she told me that she would do an investigation today and get back to me tomorrow.  I came downstairs and I met somebody and they told me that it was not going to go anywhere. I called my lawyer and he told me that today we would meet the media and so that is why I am here today. Nine days after my daughter died I don’t know whether I will be able to bury her on Saturday and so I am making an appeal. I am really disappointed by the whole thing that happened at Karl Heusner and I really hope that they could do something to help people with the pain, to the point now where I’m angry. I moved from pain to angry, that is where I am.”

Later in our newscast we’ll share the details of Robinson’s death from her mother, Mildred Crawford.