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Nine enthusiastic youths return to Belize after touring the USA

Today, nine youth ambassadors returned to Belize after spending three weeks in the United States of America. Alexis Guy, one of the youth ambassadors gave an overview of their trip.

Alexis Guy – Youth Ambassador: “The trip was basically to give young students like us who are now Belizean Youth Ambassadors exposure of the United States, how life is different there from here and also to teach us about leadership, how to become better leaders for our community and entrepreneurship how to you know learn how to create businesses to build our community as well as about environmental protection in our city, we just have to protect and cherish our community, our environment.”

Reporter: Who did you get to meet with over there?

Alexis Guy – Youth Ambassador:“Over their we met with other students like us from Honduras as well as El Salvador and we met with presenters from Washington DC who taught us about Leadership Entrepreneurship as well as different presenters from Alabama as well as Moscow Idaho.”

These enthusiastic youths have gained a wide range of knowledge and are ready to use it to change their community.  Guy explains how they intend to do that.

Alexis Guy – Youth Ambassador: “Well we have created a project.In Washington D.C. we went to a place called Wider Circle they distribute clothing to those in need that may need clothing for job interviews and also good furniture for their homes and stuff like that so our project is basically to alleviate poverty. I know it sounds like something big but you know we can all do something and it starts with something as basic as education. We can offer after school tutoring like within our school community since we are from different districts and we can also get other students to help us to volunteer to help with the tutoring after school as well as we can ask for donations from companies for food, clothing, monetary donations whatever it is to help those in the rural areas that may be in need.”

The nine youth ambassadors visited Washington DC, Idaho, and Alabama.