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Nine year old Minor Jamir Mckoy Passes Away After Being Shot in Unitedville, Cayo

The family of 9-year-old, Jamir McKoy is now preparing to lay the child to rest after he succumbed to a gunshot injury this morning at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). McKoy was shot to the abdomen on Monday night just before nine o’clock as he stood in front of his home with 18-year-old, Lloyd Myvett in Unitedville, Cayo District. The two were talking when the shooter approached the area and fired shots in their direction. Myvett died that night while McKoy was hospitalized. Today Home Affairs Minister, Kareem Musa informed the media that one person has been detained for questioning.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs: “Very regrettable and speaks volumes to where we’ve come as a nation in the loss of life of so many of our young people. I do know that they do have a person I think detained already. Police are investigating that very aggressively and again very regrettable that we’re losing our young people to violent crime like this.”

Jamir’s death also caught the attention of Youth Minister Kevin Bernard who condemned the crime.

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Youth, Sports and E – Governance: “I was saddened this morning when I saw the news on social media on Love FM in terms of the passing of the nine year old and I understand the eighteen year old had already passed. It saddens us. I mean it could be anybody’s children. I mean we need to stop this. Innocent young men are dying, children are dying because of reckless behavior and I really as the Minister of Youth I really want to offer my condolences but I also want to plea to our people, to our young people let’s get up and make a difference. Let us turn a page and become each other’s support instead of each other’s – instead of hating each other let us work together. I’m pretty sure we can do this. This country is small. Most of us know each other and we can make a difference and I’m appealing to the parents, the caretakers, the guardians of these young people talk to your children. Give them positive things. Read the Bible to them. Explain to them values of life, these are things I think is very critical. It is hurting when you see people like this just going because of these senseless actions and so I really really think that Belize needs to take a turn into the right direction when it comes to this issue and it all boils down to the individuals and the way you’re brought up at home.”

In an exclusive interview with Love News we were told by the child’s father that the little boy was begging not to die. Here is that interview with our Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz.

Jamil McKoy, Father of Jamir McKoy: “Actually on Monday night we were just hanging out, sitting on my car truck as a usual thing you know sometimes they’re eating snacks. So we were just there sitting there eating chips and what not and we had our backs turned toward the street side, well not actually the street side but a way that some guys came from nowhere and just opened fire at the crowd of us that was sitting on the car and that’s when my son got hit and the other guy got hit too.”

Reporter: They rushed him to the hospital in Belmopan tell us about that and the sad outcome of it.

Jamil McKoy, Father of Jamir McKoy: “Well actually we ended up getting a vehicle, my cousin she ended up taking us to Belmopan all the way my son was talking and he was telling me he doesn’t want to die and he was speaking to me all the way to Belmopan but the other guy was not much moving. But my son was talking all the way in the hospital he was still talking.”

Reporter: What happened this morning that they rushed him from Belmopan to Belize and tell us about it.

Jamil McKoy, Father of Jamir McKoy: “Well actually my wife was at the hospital with him at the night, I was home because it was like a relief thing maybe on and off I go, she goes but she called me about – actually I got a missed call about approximately minutes to eleven last night from her sister but she ended up keep calling back and I managed to get to the phone and answered the phone and she told me that my son ended up standing bad in the hospital and that they might end up taking him to Belize City. So my wife ended up getting through to me about one thirty this morning and told me that they rushed my son to Belize City because he’s not doing well. So early this morning my aunt came to take me to Belize City but when I reached about eight miles about eight o’clock the morning they called and told me my son had passed away. I reached the hospital and noticed my son was already gone already. I know you have people out there that know something you know because this guy was actually walking on the street and most of the houses are on the street side so I know somebody saw something. So if you know something that could help because it could be somebody else, it could be probably another family’s daughter or son or something like that.”