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Ninety-nine youths awarded

The Community Rehabilitation Department within the Ministry of Human Development has awarded ninety-nine youths from across the country.  The awardees were recognized for their remarkable strides to live a positive life in spite of the hardship they face.On hand for the occasion were: Captain Adrian Ramirez, a pilot in the BDF Air Wing, who was the Guest Speaker, Starla Bradley, Director of CRD, and Minister of Human Development,  Anthony Martinez. In his address, Minister Martinez said  quote “We must work together to create a culture within our society that embraces second chances and recognizes the fact that we all make mistakes and that people can change.”  This was the first of its kind award ceremony, which was geared towards first-time offenders and juveniles who were in conflict with the law and are now turning around their lives. The program served as a motivator to encourage them to stay the course.