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No Accommodations at KHMH for Patients of Elective Services

A release came out of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital yesterday and while we were not one of the recipients of that release until earlier today, we can tell you that once again patients who were scheduled to receive elective surgeries or services are being put aside temporarily due to limited accommodations at the hospital.  The two paragraph release from the hospital states, quote, “On August 5, 2015, the management of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital took the decision to suspend elective admissions to the General Surgical Ward and Day Cases due to the overwhelming numbers of emergency cases, particularly trauma victims, requiring admission and surgical intervention, over the last week. These patients come to us not only from Belize City, but from the entire country. Unfortunately, at times, our bed capacity is superseded by the number of patients only Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital can care for. In an effort to care for those patients already admitted and requiring surgery in the most effective and efficient manner, we have opted to concentrate all our efforts this week on clearing our backlog. We apologise to the patients who have been inconvenienced and affected by this decision.  Barring no further significant challenges to our capacity we will resume admission of elective cases and Day Cases on Monday August 10.  Again we apologize for any inconveniences caused to our patients and the public at large.”  End of quote.  Recently, those patients on the list for elective treatment or surgeries were put on the back bench when the staff had made a unified decision to go slow as part of their lobbying efforts for a salary increase.  Love News attempted to get an interview with the Administrator of the KHMH, Doctor Adrian Coye but our request was denied.