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No arrests in shooting of elderly man

On Monday night before eight o’clock, 63-year-old Gilroy Garnett was shot while he bought food at Bolo’s Shop on Partridge Street in Belize City. Police say a male person approached Garnett and fired shots in his direction, hitting him in his stomach. Up to date, no arrests have been made.

ASP Alejandro Cowo Head of C.I.B.: We have spoken to him however there is not much information coming in from him as to the time when he incident happened. It was dark in that area and he was unable to identify who the shooter was up to now.”

Reporter: “Do you believe he was the intended target in that shooting?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo Head of C.I.B.:Well we suspect that he was from the fact that there was nobody else around the shop when the incident happened.”

Reporter: “Sir is the investigation showing anything that the shooting may have been over a woman?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo Head of C.I.B.: Not that we know.”

63-year-old Gilroy Garnet remains hospitalized in a stable condition.