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No Bail for “Nitro”

Twenty-four-year-old Shikell Nunez, aka “Nitro”, a musical artist, who made a video clip in which he threatened members of the GSU and their families with death, was charged with threat of death when he appeared today before Magistrate Stephanie Gillett. Nunez pled not guilty to the charge. The prosecutor objected to bail on the grounds that the offense is a serious one and if tolerated it can become more serious. In response, Nunez said that on the day he made the video clip, he was frustrated and he had overreacted with certain words. He said he was in fear of his life and the life of his manager, Kenneth “Big Tom” Flowers. Magistrate Gillett upheld the objection and she remanded Nunez into custody until December 11.  Andrez Makin, the head of the GSU, reported that on October 24 he viewed a video clip 4 minutes and 41 seconds long in which a man, identified as Nunez, threatened members of the GSU and their families with death. Makin reported that Nunez said he would use hand grenades and guns to carry out his threat.