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No-Case Submission Rejected for Calaney Flowers

Judge Troadio John Gonzalez has rejected the no case submission by attorney Arthur Saldivar who represents Calaney Flowers. Flowers, a former Bank employee is accused of the August 28, 2012 murder of her ex-boyfriend, Lyndon Morrison, and his girlfriend, Sochil Sosa.  The two were allegedly run over with a red car driven at the time by Flowers on Freetown Road.  It was further alleged that when Flowers allegedly ran into Lyndon Morrison motorcycle, it caused him to collide into a parked pickup truck. Morrison died and his girlfriend Sochil Sosa sustained a number of injuries.   As we reported last week, Saldivar asked the court to not call Flowers to answer to the charges of murder and attempted murder because it is clear that from the police investigation, Flowers was not the cause of Morrison’s death since there was minimal damages to her vehicle.  He submitted that Flowers’ vehicle never hit Morrison’s motorcycle that night so she could not have contributed to his death or caused his accident which led to his death.  He submitted to the court that Morrison death was an accident caused by himself and that Flowers was innocent of the charges of murder and attempted murder. The police said Flowers also confessed to the crime back in 2012 which led to her being charged with murder. Calaney Flowers is expected to give her defence tomorrow morning.