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No Charges for the Holland Stabbing in Caye Caulker

Over the weekend there was a stabbing incident in Caye Caulker Village early Saturday morning where 20-year-old, Megan Marie Holland was stabbed to the chest.  Today, police reported that there will be no action taken on this assault as Holland has refused to file a complaint and has since left the island.  Holland was first sighted by police when she was passing the police barracks on Louisiano Reyes Street creating a scene and explaining to police that she had just been in an argument with a cousin.  She refused to make a complaint and carried on to her home a short distance away.  Some minutes later, police officers received a report that Holland had collapsed inside her house.  She was taken to the Caye Caulker Health Clinic where she was treated for her injury.  Police noted that at the time of the first encounter with Holland she did not appear to have had any injuries.