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No confirmation that Kenrick Bowman is actually a registered “Sex Offender”.

Last week, alleged child predator, 42 year old Kenrick Bowman, received bail after being charged for “obtaining gratification while he engaged in activity of a sexual nature in front of a child.” He was arrested after a young boy made a serious and disturbing allegation against him. The young boy alleged that Bowman performed sexual acts on him. However, police have yet to charge him for that allegation. Police were first alerted of Bowman by a neighbor who made a web search and found that Bowman was listed on a sex offender list in the United States of America. That website that Bowman appears on can easily be altered so police here have been trying to get confirmation from their US counterpart. Today, Senior Superintendent of Police, Chester Williams, told Love News that they have been unable to confirm that Bowman is a registered sex offender in the US.

” We are still awaiting a response but these things do not happen overnight, it takes a while because at the end of the day people need to do due diligence. We all know that if you put out information about someone that is not accurate that we can be sued, it is libelous in nature so we have to be very meticulous about the information that we put out to the public about any individuals hence the reason we have been reluctant to say that he is a registered sex offender and until that information is confirmed we will maintain our position in terms of what we believe he is.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News: This individual has received bail , is police keeping an eye on him making sure that he does not flee the country?

” Well it is not the duty of the police to keep an eye on him to ensure that he does not flee the country. I believe that bail was set and I am sure that the magistrate that granted him bail feels confident that he will not leave the country of Belize. We still have another matter that is being investigated where he is concerned and that investigation continues. Due to the complexity of that investigation I will not be making a decision on it I will be sending the file to the DPP and have look at it and see how we proceed from there.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News: and this is in relation to the incident whereby the child alleged that Mr. Bowman performed some sort of sexual act on him?

” Yes that is the report that the media and the public has been crying out about wondering why it is that the police has not moved forward with that investigation but like I said before that we do not work on public outcry because when we go to court we cannot tell the court that we charged the person because there was a public outcry we must have evidence and in the absence of evidence then we as a department should not proceed with any charges so like I said the matter is being investigated, we’ll do as compressible an investigation and when we are through with it then we will send the file to the DPP and then we’ll ask her guidance as to how we can proceed with the matter.”


Williams says that by the end of next week, the file against Bowman will be sent to the Director of Public Prosecution for advice.