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No extradition yet for Jordan Bacchus

Earlier this week we reported on the detention of Jordan Bacchus, a Canadian who is a person of interest to Belize Police in the shooting death of Melvin Almendarez who was killed in San Pedro Town in May of 2016. He was reportedly detained following a raid of a house in Northern Ontario as police looked for drugs. A report indicated that the Sudbury Police would process Bacchus for a drug-related office and that considerations would be made for his extradition back to Belize to be investigated for Almendarez’s murder. However, today Belize Police say that so far they are not initiating any process for such an extradition. Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino explained.

Insp. Wilfred Ferrufino – CIB

“That file, we are aware that he is detained there and the file in regards to that incident that he is a suspect for is being forwarded to the DPP. There is no indication for any extradition at this point. He’s not wanted, he is a person of interest and we would want to ask him some questions. He’s not necessarily wanted and like I said, the file is being prepared and it is being sent to the DPP and we will see what directive is given and we will move from there.”

Back in May of 2016 San Pedro police investigated Bacchus for possession of controlled drugs and he was released on bail. He then left the country.