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No More Hitch Hiking for the Cops?

The Commissioner has also tackled another quality of life issue that is long distance transportation. If you travel along the highways early in the morning, on the George Price Highway you will see police officers standing on the roadside by Trinity Methodist as well as at other spots along the Philip Goldson Highway. Officers who travel after those soon to be gone 12-hour shifts, still have another hour on the road to reach Orange Walk or Belmopan before they get home. Deputy Commissioner Broaster says that the department is in the process of securing transportation for the cops who must travel home to other districts.  

DCP Edward Broaster Commander of Operations: “He also briefed them that he will be making available transportation for the officers who travel to and from the west so that they would refrain from hitchhiking which again posts another threat to officers’ safety. We had arrangements with service providers in terms of transporting officers to and from the north in Belize City so that is set as well. We will find the budget to deal with that. As a matter of fact I know that we will be acquiring some vehicles shortly and two of those vehicles will be minivans in which one will deal with the transportation of the officers to and from the west.