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No Love Lost for Tracy

Philip Willoughby who has entered the race for Belize City Mayor and whose application has been accepted by the UDP, told us today that he has no hard feelings after Tracey Teagar-Panton openly endorsed Dion Leslie’s Mayoral candidacy last week. In 2015, he stepped back from running in the Albert division leaving way for Tracey Teagar-Panton. On Friday last week, Willoughby told the media that he is confident of his work and after the support he had shown to his party in the past, he hoped for some reciprocity. However, his opponent Dion Leslie had posted pictures of him, Teager-Panton and other supporters of his with the caption: “With immense appreciation, I thank the UDP Albert Constituency’s Executive Committee, led by their Area Representative, Hon. Tracy Taegar Panton, for their unanimous endorsement of my candidacy!” The Councilor told Love News this afternoon that he holds no hard feelings because he still has the public’s support.