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Nanes’ Release Was Regrettable Says Ambassador Melendez

In November 2015, fugitive, David Nanes Shnitzer was caught in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Shnitzer was wanted in neighboring Mexico for tricking Mexican investors out of some forty two million dollars. After being detained in Belize, he was offered bail of ten thousand dollars. Justice Dennis Hanomansingh ordered that he surrender his travel documents but that did not stop a man who possibly had spare fraudulent identification cards, to evade police and presumably flee Belize.  The Mexican Government was upset over the matter and today Carlos Quesnel Melendez, Mexico’s Ambassador to Belize was asked if the matter has damaged the relationship between the two countries.

: I can tell you that the government of Mexico used instruments, bilateral channels to obtain his extradition so that this person faces trial for his committing banking fraud in Mexico. Regrettably despite all the efforts from the Government of Mexico Mr.Nanes was released by a judge of the supreme court. The position of the Mexican government regarding this was __________ to the Belizean Government, the Belizean Authorities, to the established diplomatic channels. Mexico and Belize currently have a legal framework and we trust that the implementation of this legal framework will avoid repeating in the future situation.

Reporter: Has that affected relations between Belize and Mexico?

Voice 1: It is very regrettable that the judge did take the decision of the bail at that moment and we do respect the internal laws of this country, we do respect the issues so I am not qualified to make criticism. What I can tell you is that after my experience with legal issues there was a very low bail under the circumstances of Mr.Nanes.