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No Monies Missing at GSU; Former Head Seeks Legal Recourse

About four days ago, a story was reported on the local media of unaccounted monies earmarked for the Gang Suppression Unit via the information gathering fund.  The story reportedly surfaced following the leak of an internal memorandum from the Office of the Chief Executive Officer for Home Affairs.  The memorandum, dated, June 7, 2017 at no point in its four paragraphs stated anything about missing monies or any ongoing investigation into unaccounted funds as was reported in other media outlets.  CEO for Home Affairs, Retired Colonel George Lovell, explained to Love News today that the memo simply served to clarify the purpose of the information gathering fund and its uses following a meeting with the Finance Officer.  Nine days after the memo was sent, the then head of the Gang Suppression Unit, Inspector Glenn Caliz responded noting the various expenses covered from the information fund ranging from car rentals to compensation for credible information leading to the removal of drugs and weapons from the streets or arrests of criminals.  The reports made surrounding this information gathering fund has been described as erroneous and damaging by the former GSU Head and on that ground, he is seeking legal recourse.  Meanwhile, CEO Lovell has indicated that up to news time tonight there is no suspicion of missing monies and no investigation underway into the report, which he has deemed as mischievous.