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No Need to Feel Unsafe, Says ACP Williams

The murder of twenty seven year old Jerson Carballo has the Belize Police Department perplexed. This is what Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams told the media on Wednesday. That is because police have been unable to establish a motive for Carballo’s murder since he was not known to police and there is no substantial evidence to prove he was affiliated to any gang or gang activity. Carballo was ambushed while on his way home in the Saint Martin’s area in Belize City. Given the circumstances surrounding his death, the media asked ACP Williams whether residents in that area should be concerned for their safety.


Police presence in the St. Martin’s area is very high, it is one of the areas in South Side that we have the most patrols  and just from our meet and greet today people are echoing their satisfaction with the presence of the police and I don’t think that there is any cause for concern where security is concern because the police presence is out there and while yes Mr. Carballo’s death is unfortunate I do believe that those persons who took his life were after him. For what reason, we don’t know and that is what we want to find out.”