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No one accountable for repairs to damages of newly installed lamp posts

A number of minor accidents have happened along the recently renovated stretch of the Philip Goldson Highway past the Haulover Bridge, between miles seven and eight. One of these accidents happened at the start of this week, and while none of the accidents resulted in major injuries to drivers, it has caused damages to at least six of the new lamp posts that line the bank of the river. Some of them have been uprooted. This has been taking place over the past months and the repairs have been long delayed. We have learned that this may be because while the traffic incidents are recorded by authorities, police do not file charges for the damages caused to the lamp posts. That means that drivers, or their insurance companies, are not obliged to pay for damages. For that to happen, the Ministry of Works would have to file a complaint at the Police station. When we spoke with the Chief Engineer at Cisco Construction, he said that once that complaint is made, BEL would receive the compensation and move towards replacing damages lights, which range between five hundred to a thousand dollars. The additional cost of repairs to the aluminum posts itself would vary depending on the damages sustained. Note that the cost of one of the lamp posts ranges between ten to twelve thousand dollars. We have also noted that many of the signage in the area have also been damaged. We tried to contact CEO Errol Gentle for comment on the matter but were unable to reach him.