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No one charged for the murder of Christopher Chi

Tonight there is still no one charged for the murder of 14-year-old Christopher Chi.  While investigators have detained three persons, an adult and two minors, charges are yet to be laid.  Chi, who had dropped out of the traditional school system, was found dead off the San Lorenzo Road in the Orange Walk District on Tuesday, September 10.  Love News understands that the teenager was murdered by the same people he once called friends. Chi had gone missing on Friday and was last seen in Yo Creek Village on a motorcycle with another male person.  According to the family, that ride Chi took on the motorcycle was the ride to his death.  But why would anyone want such a young person dead?  According to the Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, it may have something to do with drug peddling.
Chester Williams, Police Commissioner

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “From what the investigation is showing is that the young boy was killed by his own associates including the person who was on the motorcycle may have played some role in the murder. He is one of the suspects, he is a 33 year old and the other two suspects are 15 year olds so if you can see again two minors are involved and from the investigation again it shows that the killing may have been somewhat drug related so it’s a very sad situation to see that we have young people, Mr.Chi himself is only about 15 years old, two of the persons accused of killing him are 15 years old, it’s really sad but it’s something we have to deal with and again it goes back to what we have been saying to parents that it is important that they monitor where their children go and who they associate with because sometimes they same people who they trust their children with are the ones who end up harming them so it is something we need to look at as parents to see how best we can take better care of our children.”

The investigations are ongoing under Commander Juanito Cocom.  Commissioner Williams explained what has transpired in the investigative process and how they are looking to proceed with charges into this homicide.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I know that the police have released one of the suspects but they have since went back to detain that person because of additional information that has arise. At this time I cannot say that all three of them will be charged, it depends on the role that they played in the killing itself, so that part of the investigators are still dealing with to be able to ascertain which of the three caused the fatal injury and if all three of them acted together as a joint enterprise. So if the investigation reveals that all three of them played a role then all three will be charged if not only the person who may have caused the fatal injury.”

Chi’s body was found by the police inside a culvert.  A postmortem examination concluded that his cause of death was traumatic shock from blunt force trauma to the head.