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No political favorites says Police Commissioner

Police Commissioner Williams has warned his officers across the country to refrain from showing political favorites.  According to Williams he has sent the message to all regional managers and commanding officers particularly for the upcoming Nomination Day and the November 11 elections.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Politicians are going to come to us with requests. If a politician comes to us with a request whether it’s the PUP or the UDP or the BPP whichever one of them if it is a request that is within our power that we can do for them without violating the law or without acting contrary to our ethical rules then by all means we can facilitate. But if it is that it is a request that is going to diminish our integrity in the eyes of the public or it goes against our procedures and rules then we are not to facilitate. At the end of the day as police officers we may all have our political preference but we must not allow our political preference to cloud our police judgment. We must be fair and impartial to everybody and what is done for one political party must be done to the other. We do not want to appear to be treating any political party better than how we treat the others. We must be fair across the board and that is my thing to my other officers so I don’t care which political party they want to support but I would expect that once they’re discharging their duties as a police that policing must be at the forefront of their thinking and ensure that they discharge their duty as have been said by our oath “without fear or favor, affection or ill will towards anybody” and once that is done I don’t have an issue.”