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No Progress in Peebles and Jaro Murder Investigations

jeon-peebles24-year-old, Jeon Peebles was violently murdered last week. His body was found on October 31, 2016 on a feeder road in Hattieville Village, Belize District. Rural Eastern Division police are still investigating the murder. Today Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams commented on the investigation as information surfaced linking the southside police to Peebles.


“It’s a matter that is being dealt with by the Rural yes; it has some implications with south side and Mr. Cowo who is the officer in charge of CIB is working very closely with myself and Mr. Broaster to see how we can bring some closure to that investigation.”


“There are allegations that two of your officers had detained Mr. Peebles earlier on that day or the day before, are those officers being questioned in connection with his death?”


“Yes we have one officer in custody who we believe was one of the officers who picked him up. The information is yet to be confirmed and the allegation that you are saying that two officers did pick him up we have received that as well and that is the basis on which the officer has been detained and Mr. Cowo who is assisting with the investigation has been busy interviewing that officer and other officers who were working that night to be able to ascertain if in fact the officer or any other officer is involved in the detention and death of Mr. Peebles.”

Another murder investigation that is also ongoing is that of George “Jaro” Young who was gunned down at a barbershop at the corner of South Creek and Muhamad Ali Street this past weekend. ACP Williams stated that one of the major difficulties is that witnesses are not coming forward with information. Young was murdered on October 29, 2016.