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No Reason for PSU or APSSM to Join Strike Action

While the Public Service Union and the Association of Public Senior Service Managers have expressed solitary with the Belize National Teachers Union, they are not willing to carry out industrial act. According to APSSM President, Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer and PSU President, Eldred Neal there is no reason why their membership should be on strike.


“The issues of good governance have been on the joint negotiation table from the very beginning and not just that, by extension with the NTUCB. So that these issues have always been there when in fact the deferral was brought to us we said okay with the condition that some of these very good governance procedures were put in place so it is not that we had not been supporting the good governance issue, we’ve always been there, we’ve always been supportive and we continue to be supportive and in fact demand that the these good governance measures be put in place. We’ve not said anything and we have not gone striking because we don’t have an industrial dispute. Legally for us to be striking would mean that we had an industrial dispute and we don’t have one. The fact that we are not out there is being responsible, behaving responsible. As I said we don’t have an industrial dispute and strike is the last resort. In addition to that we are still negotiating, in fact today is a reflection of the fact that we are still negotiating. So that we were for the deferral if it is that we were not maybe it would have given us the drive to go toward industrial action but we are not there so people need to understand and respect the position that APSSM and PSU have taken.”


“I am hoping that it may come to a close today and my hoping is on the high side of hopeful solely because I think the idea of us not being with them has gone on too long and because we are back at the table where we never left I hope today’s meeting should bring us to that point and bring the strike action to a close.”

Tomorrow the BNTU will consult its membership to decide on their next step.