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No Senate Inquiry as yet

Going back to the Prime Minister’s Press conference held earlier today.  As we noted the Prime Minister said that they had questioned all Cabinet Ministers if they had taken any monies from Dermen. 

Going back to the Prime Minister’s Press conference held earlier today.  As we noted the Prime Minister said that they had questioned all Cabinet Ministers if they had taken any monies from Dermen.  Everyone responded in the negative except the Deputy Prime Minister who was out of the country.  Just after six o’clock this evening, Faber posted on his Facebook Page, three declarations.  He noted, quote, (1) I have had no relationship with Levon Dermen; (2) I did not make any request for him to be made an Ambassador or Honorary Consul and (3) I have not received any financial contributions of 25k per month or even a onetime 25 cents contribution from Levon Dermen or any of his associates.”  End of quote.  Other matters arising in today’s conference are the issuance of nationality to Dermen which was documented in the Auditor General’s Report for 2012/2013.  The problem here is that the file is missing from the department – a case in which the Special Senate Inquiry was to investigate and present a report.  The report is still not forthcoming as pointed out by the media to the Prime Minister.

Reporter: Apparently Mr.Levon got a Belize passport through an irregular means, are you prepared to investigate that aspect of this matter? 

Rt.Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize: “But that was what the Senate Inquiry was all about sir.

Reporter: But we don’t have the Senate report Prime Minister.

Rt.Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize:Well you’ll have it soon from what Senator Salazar tells me that is what the inquiry was supposed to do. What I have said to you though is that you can’t get away from what is listed in the audit report but there is nothing other than that ,and even that is incomplete in terms of the last column, to suggest that Mr.Levon ever obtained a physical Belize passport and I ask you again since it seems to have been his fondest wish to be made a Belizean diplomat if he’d had a Belize passport why would he not have presented that to the Ministry and asked for a Consulship not just an Honorary Consulship? So I have to feel like he never got one but it may be that I am wrong, if he did that’s deplorable. Again you can’t kill a dead man so this I say without any regret that happened in the Penner era which thank God is long behind us, very much in the rear view mirror.”

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