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No single UDP is bigger than the NPC

The United Democratic Party remains divided despite a National Party Council meeting held over the weekend. During the meeting, a motion was passed that says (quote) “The NPC denounces the repeated public attacks/criticism of the Party and its members by any Party member, elected Party official and elected member of the House…The NPC demands all Party members, especially elected Party Officials and elected members of the House of Representatives immediately remove all public attacks/criticism of the party and its members.” (end of quote) We asked Party Chairman, Michael Peyrefitte about it today. 

Michael Peyrefitte, Chairman, UDP: “All parties were duly invited and a quorum was present which means that all decision passed by the NPC on Saturday has to be followed by anyone in the UDP who wants to remain in the UDP and we took a motion that came right out of the constitution of the party which is kind of superfluous but the NPC believed that they wanted to reemphasize certain aspects of the UDP Constitution and we all agreed to be bound by it. A decision was made and so, hopefully, we all agree to follow the due authority of the NPC. It was just that we all agreed pursuant to the constitution of the party that the attacks on each other would stop and that we would move forward to having a united party notwithstanding the fact that we are proud to embrace our democratic aspect of the UDP so, we move forward. We have one true enemy and that’s the PUP. It’s not each other and we all agree that the members of the party will support each other, abide by the constitution, and move forward. Hopefully, hopefully, what happened Saturday is the start of a new journey to see the UDP be back fighting fit and in mid-season form.”

But there are still videos on social media, particularly on the former leader, Patrick Faber’s page, which criticise the party and its leadership up to this minute. The media asked the party chairman what happens to those who still defy the NPC’s directive on this issue. 

Michael Peyrefitte, Chairman, UDP: “The NPC made it very clear that the NPC’s decisions must be followed. If they are not followed, if any member of the party chooses to not respect the authority of the NPC, well I am sure the NPC would then respond to that in due time. But I don’t even want to contemplate that possibility. If people want to not comply with the NPC then they have already made their decision as far as their association with the UDP and people who want to be a part of the UDP will accept that the NPC is the second highest authority in the country and they will comply. I mean the constitution of he party to which you swear or have sworn, states exactly what was in the resolution so it shouldn’t be difficult but let’s see what happens. We will cross that bridge when we get there. If it is still up and he’s still promoting that and still spreading that then in my view, he’s clearly violating the ruling of the NPC on Saturday and the NPC will have its say on that. I don’t know if the posts are up. I don’t have social media but I’m sure evidence will be brought to the NPC of that by people who do have social media in the NPC. And like I said, as we reiterated and we all agreed on on Saturday, no person, no one person is above the party and so it doesn’t matter who you are. It could be Dean Barrow. It could be anybody. No matter who you are, you are not bigger than the UDP and I can say that the NPC made it very clear that anyone who thinks they are bigger than the NPC, well, will have to face the NPC.” 

We are reliably informed that Albert Area Representative, Tracy Panton attended the NPC on Saturday but former leader Patrick Faber didn’t. We are told that he’s out of the country at this time.