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No Special Treatment for Mason, Says Deputy Compol

The name of Minister John Saldivar has been popping up frequently since William Mason was arrested for murder.  There have been reports that the minister had a very close friendship with Mason and had enjoyed certain privileges.  Minister John Saldivar weighed in on those reports.


“Absolutely will not have any effect I don’t know who he is well connected to and I don’t know what you mean by well connected. If you are asking the question if I know Mr.Mason obviously he is a resident of Belmopan and a businessman and in terms of my direct involvement with him at some point last year he had made some contributions to my football club but that is the extent of it. I have not heard or seen Mr.Mason since September last year; we do not at this time have any friendship. As I said earlier I have not spoken to Mr.Mason since September of last year and I can say to you that the reason for that is because I was provided with background information that convinced me that I ought not to have a relationship with this gentleman, the same information which I believe is not being seen on various internet sites and so prior to that we knew nothing of that gentleman until that information was brought to us. He represented himself to be an upright and upstanding businessman who assisted in the community and in sports and in many other areas but as soon as I found out from a source about his supposed background in other countries I certainly decided for myself that this was not a good thing to have a friendship with him. Certainly I can say categorically for all those who may be the conspiracy theorists out there that Mr.Mason and I our involvement was only as far as sports meaning our football team was concerned, there was no other relationship or arrangement with Mr.Mason.”

According to Deputy Commissioner Blackett there will be no favoritism shown in this murder investigation.


“You will find that in the laws on interview that anybody the police believe can assist them with an investigation would be questioned. We intend to go all the way just like in any other murder investigation, like any robbery to bring the people to justice. “

While reports were reaching our desk that phone calls were made to the senior officers to have Mason released, Blackett says he did not receive any and he had been present from the onset of the investigation.