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No Water in Hopkins Since Christmas Season

Love News Centre has received several calls over the last few days from residents in Hopkins Village, Stann Creek District who have been struggling without water for almost two weeks now.  We spoke with the village Chairman, Ted Mckoy who explained the lack of cooperation and communication from the Water Board.

The residents have been without water for about three weeks now.  The source of the problem has not been verified by the Water Board but according to McKoy he says that the matters should be addressed quickly as both residents and businesses are suffering.

Minister for Rural Development, Hugo Patt has not responded to our calls. Meanwhile, one resident from the village did send us an email stating, in part, quote, “As Hopkins has grown, the water has diminished to a trickle or none at all, maybe at night but especially on a holiday, or peak season of tourism. It is a nightmare to deal with on a daily level, especially on the far north end.  Water entrapment has been the only way for the average citizen to have water if it rains.”  End of quote.  The email went to saying that if the Belize Tourism Board will continue promoting Hopkins as a tourist destination then the problem of water supply has to be addressed.