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Nolle Prosequi for alleged rapist and a Shooter

A woman who allegedly had sex with an adult when she was a minor failed to turn up in court today and the accused man was freed. The complainant was 15 years old at the time and she resided at Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center. At the time, she went with a social worker to the police station and reported that on October 19, 2015 she went to Guillermo Silva’s home and had sex on twice. Guillermo Silva was not represented in court by an attorney. But the 22 year old man was freed of the charges yesterday when a nolle prosequi, indicating that the Crown does not wish to proceed to trial, was entered before Justice Colin Williams. The office of the Director of Public Prosecutions entered the nolle prosequi because the complainant indicated that she will not testify.
That was not the only nolle prosequi that occurred in the courts. 26 year old Lincoln Robinson Juniorwas charged with use of deadly means of harm for an incident that occurred in 2014. On March 23rd, 2014 Anthony Young, a fisherman told the police that he was socializing with a friend at 44 Dolphin Street, when he encountered Robinson. He said he was standing under a coconut tree when Robinson pointed, what appeared to be a chrome 9 millimeter pistol, at him. Young said he pushed James to the ground then he began to run towards North Creek Road. He jumped into the canal and after he pulled himself out he said he heard about 4 gunshots. He was shot on his ankle and wrist. He then crawled into a yard at the corner of North Creek Road and Supal Street and he was transported to Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. But today in the courtroom of Justice Colin Williams, a nolle prosequi was entered by the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions because the virtual complainant, 26 year old Anthony Charles Young, could not be located. Robinson was represented by attorney Oscar Selgado.