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Northern Territorial Volunteers Engaged in Educational Sessions

Love News caught up with the Northern Territorial Volunteers at San Jose Government School where they were giving an educational session to the children there. Orlando de la Fuente spoke about the education efforts the NTV is undertaking.


“I belong to a committee that is called the education committee of the Northern Territorial Volunteers and what we do is we go to different schools, NGOs and we make presentations on flag protocol, the different symbols in the flag describing the coat of arms, the relevant treaties that defined the borders of Belize, the movement towards independence, the Guatemalan claim, the ICJ and alternatives to the ICJ. We open up to the students after the presentation for a question and answer segment. As often as we get invited. We’ve been to Belize City, to St. John’s College 6th form, we’ve been to Orange Walk Technical High School, the Rotaract Club of Orange Walk; we’ve been all over the country. The young students really have a lot of questions and it always surprises us but most of their questions are based on the ICJ and if we should go to the ICJ or not and why, and what are the risks of going to the ICJ.”

De la Fuente also spoke about the flag that was placed at the roundabout in Belize City. He said that Belize needs to put regulations on the production of our National Symbols.


“Plain and simple the government needs to put out a law where we have dimensions and colors for the flag, there is no guide, there is really no guides. Other countries have guides as to how a flag should be manufactured or sown; it has the color hue and all the different details so Belize is very relaxed and casual when it comes to our national flags. You could see the logwood cutters and the slave on our flag and they are different color tones and I think it’s the government’s job to pass some legislation or some guidance as to how the flag should be manufactured. I think it’s reckless, I think it shows that we don’t place enough importance in the Sub Umbra Floreo but we should have a guide and it’s the government’s job to do that, we should have a guide in terms of the flag.”

Orlando de la Fuente of the Northern Territorial Volunteers.