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Nothing Amiss in Peddler’s Death

This afternoon, a Guatemalan man was found dead inside a motel in Punta Gorda. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.


“Police in Punta Gorda removed the lifeless body of a male person found at at about 3:30pm in a room at a room rental establishment on main Middle Street in Punta Gorda. The body was identified to be that of Jorge Cus believed to be about 33 or 344 years of age. Jorge Cus is a Guatemalan peddler Cubanero from Cupan Guatemala. He reportedly was last seen alive on Sunday afternoon in the area where he stayed since mid-last year while on business trips in Punta Gorda. An unpleasant smell from the locked room this afternoon caused an inquiry by the owners of the place and thus at  about 3:30pm personnel of the Punta Gorda fire service across the street were asked to force the room door open thus discovering the body on the bed, the room appeared to be locked from the inside. Reports here allege the Jorge Cus had been seen under the influence of alcohol. Reportedly there were no signs of injuries on the decomposing body. The body was taken to the Punta Gorda hospital and no foul play is suspected as police investigations continue.”