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There is nothing to mediate, says PUP Leader

Opposition Leader John Briceno also commented on the recent update regarding the Government’s case against attorney Sharon Pitts. Last month we reported that the case had been ordered into mediation. The Government is looking to recover four hundred thousand dollars which Pitts received through an alleged illegitimate land compensation transaction.

John Briceno, PUP Leader

“Well I don’t know what is there to mediate, these people are supposed to return the money because money never should have been given, and that land should never have been given from day one – the Minister knew it was listed in the house. The Ministries knew that this land was private land and now they’re talking- so the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Natural Resources at the time Gaspar Vega in the minutes, I saw a copy of it where they were telling him that it appeared to be private land he went ahead and gave the land to his son and to Ms. Pitts and compensated them for $800,000 and here about two years later and we can’t get back one cent when the Prime Minister immediately jumped up and said that he was going to get back the money.”

Both parties were given 45 days to agree on a mediator.