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The notorious Felix Brothers are gunned down on Baymen Avenue

In the past month, Belize has seen a triple murder, a quintuple murder, a double murder on Ambergris Caye and now, the murder of the notorious siblings, Emory and Maurice Felix.  The two were socializing on Baymen Avenue when they were targeted and killed. Love News Reporter, Courtney Menzies was on the scene moments after the shooting, and was able to bring you this report.

Courtney Menzies: “Last night’s double murder played out like a scene out of an action movie. Two brothers well known for their past were playing pool at Sky Deck Sports Bar on Baymen Avenue when a perfectly planned setup came into play costing them both their lives. First, let’s go back to the beginning when according to Sky Deck’s Manager 33-year-old Emory Vincent Felix and 34 Maurice Cardinal Felix went to the Sports Bar to purchase food.”

Winston Harris – Manager, Sky Deck Sports Bar: “It just happened suddenly, fast, quick, we opened up for business and we sell food. The guys came downstairs to buy food, actually we were closed to buy food so they decided to come upstairs and buy food. While they were waiting for the food that is when the whole thing transpired.”

Courtney Menzies: “What was the reaction from your employees? I am sure they are traumatized.”

Winston Harris – Manager, Sky Deck Sports Bar: “Right now they are still traumatized as we speak, right now we are not on the compound but we told them to take off the day so that they can sort off, I mean they are really traumatized. Actually, one employee starts on Monday and the other one started yesterday so they are new to this, we are all new to this. To be real with you none of the employees on the compound are aware of who these people are. After the fact then we realized and said to ourselves oh all right because these guys names have been in the news but to say personally, our employees are not aware whose these people are. We have a policy here where we don’t stereotype our customers, we do not believe in that, we are a professional business, we are a professional service and we try to accommodate our customers as best as we can.

Courtney Menzies: “ One brother bled out on the floor of the bar right beside the pool table that he was playing at, the other brother was caught on the street while he reportedly attempted to escape. Assistant SuperIntendent of Police Alejandro Cowo gave us an official report of the incident.”

A.S.P. Alejandro Cowo – Head CIB: “Last night at about 6:45 pm police responded to shots being fired on Baymen Ave. As a result, they visited a business establishment where on the street side police observed Emory Vincent Felix 33 years Belizean with apparent gunshot wounds to his body. Upon police making inspection inside of the business establishment on the second floor they observed the body of Maurice Cardinal Felix 34 years Belizean also with apparent gunshot wounds to his body. What police gathered so far is that both male persons were inside of the establishment playing pool when people entered the establishment and fired several shots at their direction causing the above-mentioned injuries to them. The police are  in the area at this moment, the area is being canvassed and we are getting information that I believe will assist us in this investigation.”

Courtney Menzies: “Maurice and Emory Felix are no strangers to the media or the police as they were recently released from prison on bail in January 2019. They were on remand for the 2015 murder of Mark Gentle and then the attempted murder of Gentle’s mother, the now-deceased Pamela Bennett Cumberbatch. Gentle was shot in front of his house on the night of May 27th on Caesar Ridge Road in Belize City. His mother Pamela has since passed away after being involved in a traffic accident. A.S.P. Alejandro Cowo says that the police believe that this was the motive for the murder of the brothers.”

A.S.P. Alejandro Cowo – Head CIB: “We have been following several bits of information that we had received prior to this murder and yes we know that based on what they were detained previously at the prison and of what had transpired several years ago that they could have been a plausible target.”

Courtney Menzies: “A.S.P. Cowo said they are looking at the angle that it may have been two shooters instead of one. He also mentioned that the Felix brothers had been ordered to report to the Police Station three times a week as per the conditions of their bail. Reporting for Love News I am Courtney Menzies

We attempted to get an interview from the family of the Felix brothers, but their sisters had declined to comment.