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Notorious Mayflower Resident Shot Multiple Times

Six months ago Jervis Valencia was acquitted of a murder charge.  Fast forward today and Valencia is in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.  Valencia, also known as Jervis Diamonds, was shot multiple times this afternoon in Belize City.  As many as four shots were heard in the Mayflower Street area just before four o’clock this evening.  Our news team was on the ground shortly after and spoke with one woman who had to duck for cover.

Resident of Mayflower Street: “I was out there on the street side and the three young men passed and after the three young men passed I heard two shots so I just jumped off of my chair ran under my uncle’s house, came out the next side and I ran around the vehicle and ran in my yard. After that when I ran out back they said a young man got shot. You know anything could happen like that in this neighborhood with what is happening right now because right now it’s just family against family.”

Reports at the crime scene are that one of the three assailants had escaped leaving a bicycle behind.  Love News understands that Valencia was shot several time in the abdominal area.  37-year-old Valencia is well known to law enforcement as he has escaped two murder charges, and was arrested back in 2003 when he set his girlfriend on fire.