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New Commissioner of Police Chester Williams reacts to allegations surrounding drug plane landings in Belize

While Vincent held his conference in Belize City, simultaneously in the Capital, Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams was questioned about the allegations and possible evidence incriminating members of the police department and government.

Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police: “But I can assure you that if any information is revealed that we believe is credible and warrants police investigation then we will move to do our own investigation to see if we can confirm or deny those allegations. We are going to listen keenly to what the individual has to say and if it is that anything is said that requires us to do any investigation then we will do that but at this time I cannot answer your question because I have not heard what has been revealed and I am not going to divulge to the public the results or the nature of our operation that we did up north. Whatever information that was obtained from those operations we are surely acting on them and we continue to do whatever follow up that needs to be done where that information are concerned.”