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NTUCB calls for re-implementation of the Crime Control Commission

The National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) sent out a release on the heels of the recent spate of violence.  Marvin Mora, the President of NTUCB noted that the crime situation threatens the livelihood of workers in Belize and that a unified approach needs to be addressed quickly and urgently.

Marvin Mora – President of NTUCB: “That the NTUCB must get involved and we must do what we can and we must start to get the help or synchronize efforts with other organizations so we can move the process of steering our  country into the right direction. We know we cannot do it alone and we know that by ourselves it is impossible but we know that if we get the help of organizations and other people who are concerned we are sure we can start to move our country in the right direction in that regard. The impact that is felt throughout the workforce is one where the workers will have to be exposed to unsafe environments. Let us not forget the policemen that are out there they are also employees, they are workers of our country and they also have to go through the perils of facing these criminal elements out in their own environments. Then we also have issues where the workers themselves and other types of workers have  to traverse or live in those crime infested areas so crime does have an impact on the working class like no other class because whether we like it or not we have to be out there trying to make ends meet.”

While multiple workshops to curb crime and address other crime-related societal ills have taken place, Mora noted that the problem remains a problem and with that he spoke of the re-implementation of the Crime Control Commission, with representation from all stakeholders.

Marvin Mora – President of NTUCB: “There are several areas must be addressed. One of them is the area of culture, we have been subjected to crime for so long that we have become accustomed to it. It becomes a norm and  for us it is okay so in order for us to tackle it properly we must address it from all different areas where it can manifest itself so if we want to move away from that we have to change what people, think about crime and view crime so that is for us very important but also we are looking at some of the recommendations. We have seen people who have come, experts who have come and we named a few in our press release. We have seen them comment and make in-depth studies about what is happening in our country and it provides some level of recommendations that probably the Government and the country as a whole can look at so in order for any endeavor in regards to crime or the controlling of crime to be effective it must be holistic.”

Mora calls on the relevant authorities to obtain international support before it reaches a point of no return.