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NTUCB discusses SSB’s proposal

For some time now, Belize’s Social Security Board has been proposing an increase in benefits and contributions.  Last year, the National Trade Union Congress of Belize, NTUCB’s under the leadership of Floyd Neal, stated that the union was in support of SSB’s bid for contributions to increase. Love News asked the current president of the NTUCB, Marvin Mora, about the union’s current position, and was told that the union’s current position is conditional.

Marvin Mora General Secretary Belize Energy Works Union: “I don’t want to coin the entire set of proposals as just being an increase or just being a demand for more money from the SSB because we have been privy via a live dialogue with the principals at the SSB including the CEO of the SSB as to what all the package of proposals is so I wouldn’t want to just take that out of context to basically diminish the set of proposals because the set of proposals that they have brought to us also includes an increase in benefits for those people who are under the Social Security scheme so I would not want to throw away that along with the other proposals which are increases and so forth and I would say that after much review the NTUCB is amenable to accept those proposals including the increases but we have certain concerns and those concerns are yielding some recommendations.”

Mora added that the union will continue to dialogue with SSB in order to address the concerns.