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NTUCB hopes to find solutions that will diminish crime

There have been several initiatives undertaken to curb the escalating crime in Belize including criminal legislation, implementation of a State of Emergency and accompanying curfews. However, crime still continues to occur at an alarming rate. Marvin Mora, the President of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize, (NTUCB) told Love news how his organization plans to tackle the issue.

Marvin Mora, President, NTUCB:  “It is something that the National Teachers Union has already taken on. They have been pushing a campaign to be able to curb crime. They are against some of the positions that have been taken by some of our policy makers and they are pushing for some level of change. It is something that will definitely come back to the table of the National Trade Union Congress being that the congress is the umbrella organization where these other specific trade unions can come and weigh in on matters especially matters that have to do with our entire country- crime is one of them. It is important for us to be able to weigh on on that. We live in this society, we share the same streets, the same roads, communities and neighborhoods. For us on a personal basis addressing the matter of crime is very important so it is something that we will definitely have to look at as well not only to form a position but to provide some level of input. We’ve participated already in some recent meetings where some of our suggestions were tabled. We also are invited to form a part of the committee that will be responsible to look at some of those recommendations and to bring more recommendations that would help the government and policy makers to change the way things are done and to address the issue of crime itself.”