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NTUCB lays out issues for 2019

The National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) held its 52nd Annual General Meeting on December 10th. The NTUCB elected the leader of the Belize Energy Workers Union as its president. Marvin Mora now takes on the helm of the country’s strongest coalition for a two year term.  Love News spoke to Mora who explained the top issues that the union will address in 2019.

Marvin Mora, President, NTUCB: “I think the two overarching national issues that we have to look at will be one, the issue of the occupational health and safety bill that has still not been passed in our country even though we have ratified the ILO convention that addressed it, it still has not been turned into legislation for our country; that is number one. Also probably on par with that one would be the going or not going to the International Court of Justice as it relates to the national issue for the Guatemala and Belize Territorial differendum, I guess those two would be at the forefront of all national issues that we will definitely have to look at and weigh in baron those too. Whether it would be possible to present a position on the ICJ situation is something that we would have to vent furthermore within the congress. Then there are others that we have to look at, others that affect individual unions for example those affecting the National Trade Union Congress via the Belize National Teachers Union and also those affecting our public servants. So those will be there and also we’re looking at some issues affecting the private sector and all of these have to be looked at within the congress so that we can not only weigh in on what our positions would be but also provide some solution to those issues that are still pending and we have a lot of issues still on the table.”