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NTUCB prepares for new Leadership

The powerhouse umbrella organization for the country’s strongest union, the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) is holding is 52nd Annual General Meeting (AGM), under the Theme: Workplace stress – a collective challenge.  According to current president Floyd Neal, delegates from the ten Member Unions will meet at the Corozal ITVET for the two-day event, which starts on Saturday, December 8th and culminates on Sunday with the election of a new Executive Committee to serve for the next two years. Delegates will be drawn from the Association of Public Service Senior Managers, the Belize Communications Workers’ Union, the Belize Energy Workers’ Union, the Belize National Teachers’ Union, the Belize Progressive Teachers’ Union, the Belize Water Services Workers’ Union, the Belize Workers’ Union, the Christian Workers Union, the Public Service Union of Belize and the Southern Workers Union.