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NTUCB President Says GOB can Improve on Good Governance Legislatives

The Joint Unions as part of their strike action demanded good governance from the recently elected Briceno Administration. Several pieces of good-governance legislation have been introduced but NTUCB President, Luis Martinez says, there is room for improvements.

Luis Martinez, President, NTUCB:  “We want them to be effective. Right, and so this means that it requires  research on on the government part, the National Trade Union Congress, and all stakeholders-  the Chamber. We have to we have to research these documents to ensure these legislations, to ensure that we have the best foot forward. And so we hope that that could be materialized. We have the public disclosure bill which went for committee. We had expressed our concerns in asking for them to allow the bill to go through public consultation process so that we could have all stakeholders have an input and Belizeans so that we could have an input in this legislation. There is amendments the Belize Constitution could be concerning to us that normally whenever we have amendments to the constitution it calls for public consultation one would argue that because of the COVID-19 measures and COVID-19 protocols and COVID-19 cases and COVID-19 everything we cannot go on public consultation. One would also argue, grateful for events like COVID-19 , we could take advantage of the different platforms such as social media and so where there’s a will there’s  a way and so we’d expect that we did these amendments for public consultation.”