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NTUCB questions the government seriousness about UNCAC

In December 2016, Belize became the 184th member to sign onto the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC).   A working visit was scheduled by government experts from Haiti and Tuvalu which is vital to the implementation of UNCAC. Last Friday, a press release was issued from the press office stating that the trip scheduled for February 27 to March 1, has been postponed to July 10 to 12. Today, the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) issued a press release expressing their discontent over the postponement of the visit.  Love News spoke with Floyd Neal, the President of the NTUCB about the delay.

Floyd Neal, President of the NTUCB

“The reason being offered for the postponement is not convincing at all. We don’t see that there is any serious commitment to this process. If there were after the first delay they wouldn’t be a recurrence to that second delay and therefore we thought we needed to record our disappointment about this delay and our doubt about the seriousness and commitment of both the UN System and GOB to have this process follow the path that is programmed. We should be beyond where we are now and the fact that we are dealing now with a second postponement is revealing.”

The release concluded by stating “Every day that our nation continues to suffer from corruption brings more misery to Belizeans and loss of millions of workers hard earned money.”