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NTUCB Wants Gob to Implement UNCAC

The National Trade Congress of Belize is pressuring the Briceno Administration to continue the good governance initiative. President Luis Martinez says that the NTUCB will continue to discuss the good governance campaign with the Government of Belize. Martinez says that Prime Minister John Briceno and his government should act to fully implement the United National Convention against Corruption.

Luis Martinez, President NTUCB: “The good governance campaign has to continue. The ratification of UNCAC, the development and the passage of the assets recovery and assets disposal laws, the drafting and passing of the finance reform act, the illicit enrichment act, we have to continue this campaign. Whether the ads are against the unions or not we have to continue this campaign. What is happening didn’t happen over night. This is an issue that has been following us from independence and even before that so we will continue our good governance conversation with the Government of Belize. We’re not going to leave it like that and this brings me to what I was saying earlier the good governance campaign has nothing to do with a 10% salary cut. We are not going to allow the good governance campaign to be merged or we are not going to allow it to be a bargaining chip for 10%. None at all. The good governance discussion is not a bargaining chip in this 10% conversation, none at all.”