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Nude Photo of Government Official was Allegedly Taken in Mason’s House

Despite Panton’s comment of Richard Dickie Bradley’s statements made on the Mason case having no weight, Bradley went on to speak to Love News on other allegations that Mason has mentioned including the nude photo of a Government official that circulated some months ago which he says was taken in his home.


“He has said a number of other things for example he was saying within one day a Minister of Government brought some applications for firearms and before the day was out he had his license which is highly irregular and unusual because there has to be a special vetting of a person who is applying for a firearm. Where will the firearm be stored for safety purposes, how familiar are you with firearms, can you dismantle the gun, can you shoot there are a whole heap of things that need to be done before anybody can get a license and it was taken to him by a Minister of Government and brought back on the same day by a Minister of Government. He has said that a photograph which is circulating around which all police officers seem to have on their phone, a naked picture that picture was taken in his house in one of his beds and his domestic workers can bear that out for a number of factual reasons in addition to whatever other reasons those people who work there can say. He has said that Ministers have been in and out of his house, having parties and all kinds of other information, that man is loaded with information, they are allegations but there are things that any government will want to hear and carry out an investigation in relation to what he is saying.”

Bradley went on to speak on the comments being made by Government ministers and officials who are now saying that they had gone to Mason’s home but didn’t know of his history or his current situation.


“You now know because it is the news that the Deputy Prime Minister is admitting he met Mr.Williams on two occasions. Of course all of them will say when they met him it was all innocent and that they didn’t know who he was but Belize has a security force which in fact goes around, snooping around listening to people’s telephone conversations, reading their emails, checking out the names of person who cross our border points and do a certain amount of checks otherwise terrorists can come into our country and hurt our good friends the Americans so there is a security system in place so how come they couldn’t pick up any of this, that someone was allegedly buying influence, passing large sums of monies to somebody who they knew nothing about.”

During his time in Belize, Mason has amassed numerous friendships and out of those friendships there were favors done and easy access to firearm and ammunition.  Bradley spoke of this among other things.


“He has a large pool of information, that was his business, he was in the business of influencing people in high places. He has given Mark Flowers the name of high ranking officers who were in and out of his property. He has given Mark Flowers information that a large quantity of ammunition was either sold or given to him and of course he in turn gave monies as either a gift or a payment for that, it came from the police. Mark is the man, he is not named Mark by any coincidence Mark is the man who has that information from Mr.Mason.”

Love News also learnt of video surveillance available that was taken in a public place and would show the exchange of money with a Government minister.  We will keep following this story.