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Nurses and Doctors Attract Public Support

The Belize Medical and Dental Association stands in solidarity with the nurses and all healthcare workers facing hardship in the workplace at this time. A release from the Association states that (quote) we are aware of the hardships being faced by healthcare professionals, particularly in the public sector. There is a lack of medications and resources to be able to properly care for patients, as well as under-staffing that may compromise quality and timing care.” (end of quote) The Association says that these issues compounded with what is described as unjust salary deductions have resulted in the walk-out by nurses. The association is imploring that the management of all government facilities, the executives at the Ministry of Health and Wellness and members of the Labor Department initiate meaningful dialogue intended at resolving these issues as swiftly as possible. The United Democratic Party says it too stands in solidarity with the nurses. In a statement, the UDP says (quote) The Opposition stands in solidarity with the Nurses all over Belize who are protesting detestable working conditions. Our Nurses deserve better. We owe a huge debt to our Nurses that we must pay now.” (end of quote) The UDP says that the pup Government has a moral responsibility to act immediately to answer the call of the Nurses who have had enough. Members of the public are also supporting the nurses and doctors. In San Ignacio, A mother and her two children are photographed holding posters that state “we need our nurses” and “pay the doctors and nurses what they deserve”. Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung spoke to some residents of Punta Gorda Town and Fem Cruz in Belmopan spoke to the President of the NTUCB Luis Martinez.