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Nurses Celebrate the Start of Nurses Week

Activities marking Nurses Week continued today in Belmopan. Correspondent Fem Cruz reports on activities in the Capital.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: One of the persons in charge spoke to Love News about the rest of the activities planned for the week. 

“Nurses week this year is being celebrated from May 6 to May 12 and the theme chosen for this year is “Nurses: A voice to lead, a vision for future healthcare.” The theme reflects the COVID pandemic and the impact on the health system and how we can use all the different issues, the different innovations that happened because of this pandemic to impact the future of the healthcare system. We have planned a lot of different activities to celebrate nurses week here at Western Regional Hospital. We started yesterday May 6 with a church service here on the compound. Today is t shirt day for our nursing staff. On Monday and Tuesday we’ll be having pampering day for the nurses where they will have massages done and different manicures and pedicures and this is being coordinated with the YWCA here in Belmopan. On Wednesday it’s a big day for us where we’ll be having our appreciation luncheon and we expect that the Minister of Health, the Chief Nurse, the CEO from the Ministry of Health and Wellness will join all nursing staff and we’ll be showing appreciation for the hard work done by nurses and the dedication to the profession. So I just want to take this opportunity to wish all our nurses across the country of Belize especially our nurses here at Western Regional a happy Nurses Week.”

There were also activities in the south today. Senior Correspondent Paul Mahung tells us more.

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Activities in connection with the celebration of Nurses Week were held today in Punta Gorda. At the event held at the PG Hospital compound Nurse Lizette Recino spoke to Love News. 

Lizette Recino, Nurse: “Today we’re highlighting our health fair at the PG Hospital compound where we have representatives of each department just displaying what we do on a daily basis, highlighting some of the services we offer to the public. As we go into the week of activities on Saturday there will be a walkathon. We also invite the public, other retired nurses, to attend but of course we want to watch the weather to see what the weather will be like. The time for the walkathon would be at 6AM leaving PG Hospital compound going up to Caribbean Tires and back to PG Hospital. On Sunday we’ll be having a prayer service for the nurses. We want the public also to join us we commemorate a special occasion as we give thanks onto the lord for what he has done within the nursing profession. On Monday supervisors of the Toledo Nursing Head of Department will be heading to Dangriga to be part of a short ceremony where we’ll be picking up tokens for the nurses here in Toledo and then we will be organizing for the PG catchment area and also for the San Antonio area and special ceremonies where these tokens will be given to each nurse.”

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Amidst their busy schedule at work and home nurses and other employees of Ministry of Health and Wellness in Toledo are making time to commemorate nurses week. Community support and participation of members of the public will be highly appreciated in Saturday’s 6AM walkathon and Sunday’s 9AM church service honoring nurses outstanding medical services to health and wellness in Punta Gorda and rural communities of this district.