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Nurses, Doctors, Healthcare workers at San Ignacio Community Hospital Protest

At the San Ignacio Community Hospital, several nurses also demonstrated. They too say they’ve been taken for granted and are tired of it. Love News spoke to two nurses who say they deserve better treatment. 

Nurse, San Ignacio Community Hospital: “We are vexed! We are frustrated already because a lot of injustices are happening in our system towards us. I don’t know if you all recall that in 2019-2020 when COVID had started, oh yes, we were special. We were treated because we were essential. They needed our services and they related us as what? Heroes right?! What are treated as now? We are treated like what? We are cleaning the drains or what? We are dealing with your health. For all those patients who come sick we are the ones who save their lives so we deserve better. We deserve better treatment. We deserve to give our population the medication they need. We deserve our allowances. We deserve to be paid better.”

Nurse 2, San Ignacio Community Hospital: “The patients are suffering. The poor are suffering. The thing is that we don’t have any medication to give our patients that come in here. They have to go buy it and they don’t have money to go buy it. So who ends up suffering? The people. The population ends up suffering. The same people that voted the Government in office are the same ones that are suffering so we are tired of it. We are fighting for the country. We are fighting for our patients and for our rights as well. You see my sign? Underpaid! They work us long hours and when you come and claim your overtime they don’t want to pay it. So we are not working for free. We work hard. I think we deserve justice and I think it’s time we stand up for our rights.”