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Nurses Remain on a “Go-Slow”

It has been eight days since the Nurses Association of Belize has been partaking in a nationwide go-slow. The association had joined forces with the unions in fighting against a pay cut, increment freeze, and calling for good governance measures to be implemented. While they continue to report to work, the frontline workers are attempting to put in the least amount of effort needed. Association President Darrell Spencer spoke about the impact on healthcare workers.

Darrel Spencer, President, Nurses Association of Belize:The impact that it has been having so far is mostly in house and it’s sad to say that we have medical officers, doctors, specialists, that don’t see to it that they have a responsibility to the nation. What the nurses are fighting for is not for the benefit of any individual nurse or group of nurses it is for the benefit of this entire nation. We will acknowledge the fact that nurses we are not on strike. Not that we cannot but we will not go on a strike, we will not go on an outright strike because on a strike people are not at the place of work. Should there be an emergency we want to make sure that our public is always covered. We don’t want any loss of life to occur so the intention of the go slow is to stop all other activities of the hospitals less that of an emergency. The response that that should have is that the public becoming now engaged with the nurses, they now need to start to stand up and fight for what they want out of society and together we can have this government fix itself. The problems we’ve been having that doctors now are turning against the nurses. Look when this all turns out and there’s a positive change for the country we will all benefit from it. The old saying “Rising tide floats all boats.” goes true to what we’re going through. It is contrary to good progress then that the doctors are trying to scuttle the ship.”

He added that the go-slow will remain in effect indefinitely.