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Nursing Profession – Unpopular, Unaffordable and Challenging

Nurses Week officially got started on Sunday, May 8 and with this week designated to highlight the works, successes and challenges of nurses around the country, Deputy Director of Health Services, Augustina Elijio made an appearance on the Morning Show yesterday.


The common cry when it comes to the profession is the limited human resources and opportunities for training.  Elijio spoke in detail of other challenges faced in the nursing sector.


Despite the lack of human resources and opportunities, Elijio says the standards remain high and nurses must meet them.

Ideally, Elijio says the ration of nurses should be one to five persons of the population total.  She went on to say that while there are imported nurses from other countries such as Cuba, Nigeria and the Philippines, it is rare that anyone from the Caribbean come to Belize to work even despite the Single Market Economy as the salaries are similar and therefore they would go to the UK or Canada.