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NWC condemns man-handling of Female Journalist

The National Women’s Commission fired off a release this morning expressing outrage over the treatment of female journalist Marisol Amaya. (VO STARTS) The NWC condemns the man-handling of Amaya saying that such acts of assault upon anyone, let alone a woman in the media are a form of gender-based violence that must not be tolerated. The release says quote, “No democratic society can thrive without the women and men of the fourth estate and when the press is not free to operate as it should, it erodes the very fabric of that estate and can quickly plunge a country into anarchy.” End of quote. The NWC points out that Belize is a signatory to the Inter-American Convention on the Prevention, Punishment and Eradication of Violence against Women and as such should put measures in place to exercise a zero-tolerance approach to violence against women and girls. While several entities have spoken on the matter, we have yet to hear from the Office of the Prime Minister.