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O.G. says House Burned Down after Private Conversation Publicized

Jose Zelaya lived in the home with his son and daughter. The single dad was not at home as he was attending to his injured son at a different location. His daughter left the home to buy at a shop and by 7 on Thursday night and by the time she returned home the house was engulfed in flames. One of the underlying issues is that Zelaya had lost a sun to gun violence and he was nursing his second son who was critically injured several weeks ago at another location.  Zelaya who is a former O.G. had put that life behind him, had been vocal about the death of his son and had stated in an interview that he would not make a statement to the police about the shooting of his son and he would not retaliate against the people who hurt his son. But, he sincerely believes that a recent and unauthorized publication by another media house put him and his family in jeopardy.

Jose Zelaya Fire Victim: “The Fire Department responded at good time but by the time they reached here the house was already burned down but they did a good job, they reached on time. There was no fault with the Fire Department, none at all. I have to respect them and congratulate them for their job because they tried. If they could have saved they would have saved but nothing could have been saved. Right now I want to rebuild back my life that is being stripped away a little at a time. Right now all I want is that if anyone wants to help me, it is just help I need. I don’t have anything. I want help for me and my kids so that we could get comfortable back. I know that we can’t get back our home and our house back and at least I have my family and whatever assistance I can get I would really appreciate.”

Jose Sanchez: “ Beds, clothes?”

Jose Zelaya Fire Victim: “Beds, mattress, fan or a little tv just anything that can help the household.”

Jose Sanchez: “I have to ask; is it possible that your former life style or is it something else that recently happened that maybe someone came and… because there is some suspicion of arson. Did something happen?”

Jose Zelaya Fire Victim: “Yes something happened and I am upset about it. He put an article in the Tuesday issue that I didn’t even know about. He didn’t even get my consent or anything. He just gone and put a whole heap of stupidity in his column that he wrote and put me and my son… family right back in danger so I want people to know *beeeeeep* slip right down. How are you going to go and write things in an article without people consent and put people in those things there? Watch what you put me in now *bleep*. Look at how you put my family and I back in danger. I am a broken man right now. I have nothing more to lose. Watch what all they did me in the last eight months. It has been eight months I have been going through all of this, eight months and right now I feel like a broken man. I don’t feel like a man to give up because I am not a person that gives up. I just feel broken in my heart, I feel hurted. “

Jose Sanchez: “If people want to help you how can they reach you? How can they find you or do you have number?”

Jose Zelaya Fire Victim: “If people want to reach me people can just take everything to Love FM and Love FM can reach me because Love Fm… I rather put my confidence in Love Fm and the reporter. If you guys want to help me you can receive all the contribution and donation and you guys give me a call and I will meet you.”

Zelaya wants to keep his number out of the public spotlight but he hopes that people would make donations in care of Love FM’s Newsroom for him.